Coming up from the underground, Vibes is inspired by various cultures and communities, their slogan is "dream to survive ". Vibes definitely has grabbed some eyeballs with their striking designs and have gotten few rappers repping their pieces. They have multiple collections and collaborations, so let's dive into it.

Vibes clothing provides mainly tops, as in T-shirts and jackets but they recently have started their accessories range which is fire! Vibrant colors is the running theme it seems, they also work with reflective materials and tie-dies. The pieces are priced decently, a t-shirt would cost 700 rupees on average. They also have introduced beanies and side bags which are definitely worth a buy and is a staple given the style and the affordable pricing.

Talking about collaborations the brand has collaborated with Loka (rapper), to the culture (Hip-hop dance community) and Most wanted records, they have these collections reflecting the brands' personalities, apart from these they have the heat collection and street mafia which are more of their initial collections. They have a paradox 2.0 jacket which is a full reflective jacket, it's definitely a stand out piece.

All in all, Vibes is definitely a brand which is innovating and expanding their palette as time passes. Their pieces are definitely one should have in their wardrobe given their vibrant design and pocket-friendly pricing. You can check them out on their website linked below VIBES

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