Updated: Nov 4, 2019

We know VegNonVeg as a multi-brand sneaker store, their retail space is defined as a venue for music, a studio for art, a room for debate and a place to party. Apart from being the Pioneers of multi-brand sneaker store in India, they also have an Apparel section which is unlike any. So let's explore that side of the brand.

Starting from the basics they have t-shirts and sweatshirts from different collaborations, be it Fila collab / Budweiser collab / Reebok collab, they all have a relevant and catchy design for each collaboration. Apart from collaborations, they have their own line which plays around color blocking and a proper oversized fit, the black & yellow DTC jacket inspired by the Indian public transport system has that perfect retro look. They also showcase some essential track pants and joggers.

The Glitch –

This collection is the latest drop by VegNonVeg and is inspired by the flaws of technology or glitches, it explores the dawn of the internet with a futuristic outlook. The collection consists of t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and track pants. The glitch design is omnipresent on their pieces and the fluorescent logo adds to the overall look. The Quilled Black Bomber jacket is reversible with a neon green color on the flip side, the Hoodie is a standout piece in itself with a double layer sleeve and neon tape on the shoulders which goes down to the elbows. The collection also features neon boxer shorts and black cargo pants which comes with a detachable coin pocket.

The price of pieces vary, it starts from RS 1500 onwards. Their previous collections and the new drop gives you a diverse option to chose from to make a really RAD closet, the designs are dope and the materials of the garment are of premium quality so no compromises on that. Go check the collection! link below.