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Updated: Oct 10, 2020

One of the Indian brands that made it international, by representing Indian streetwear at Sole DXB, presenting Six5Six Street. The founders Avni Aneja and Ambar Aneja came up with the idea of starting their own clothing brand on a flight hence they went ahead with naming their brand six5six, i.e the flight number they were on. Their family business was in clothing manufacturing hence it paved the way in starting their own label. Six5six defines itself as a rebel for a cause and gives importance to expressing.

The label has a wide variety of clothing options to chose from, T-shirts, outerwear, bottom wear, denim, and hoodies. They have a mix of materials used from corduroy to denim, from cotton to polyester. The pricing of each piece differs from a basic t-shirt starting from 1.5k to a jacket costing 10k. The brand has styles for both men and women in all of their collections. Vibrant colors and patchwork are pretty evident in most of their collections. The brand seems to have found just the right space between futuristic and vintage while trying to tell a story of the present.

They have multiple collections stressing on different topics, to name a few there is "Trap Money" and "Boring Humans Wear This ". Apart from their collections they also have a section 656byYou where the brand had asked its followers on Instagram to create designs and vote for the best. Recently they have added another vertical called Six5Six Sport, in which they have designed pieces for the Indian National Football team that can be purchased.

Currently, they are on sale, so you can definitely grab some grails for your wardrobe without burning a hole in your pocket! Even better news is that they are working on a new collection; so we have something to look forward too as well. Check them out in the link below.


The images are taken from the Six5Six website and

the video is taken from their youtube channel.


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