When it comes to Indian streetwear the brand you hear quite often is Jaywalking - as the name suggests the brand is unconventional, rebellious and bold. Established in February 2019 It got a lot of attention due to its new-age unique design and premium quality. This brand is all about being bold. From prints to colors, From crips silhouettes to materials everything is out of the box.

Every design is unique and tells its own story. Tshirts, Cargo pants, Bomber Jackets, Dresses, joggers, overcoats this brand has it all. Looking at every design you can observe that baggy fit is the running theme, because the fit matters.

Also utility is a prime factor hence you won't miss out on pockets with this brand, the pockets are yet another highlight in few of the pieces, with clean stitching and finishing. One of the reasons that the brand will fall more in the premium category is because of the materials used, you won't be finding these materials in your daily wear brands. These materials are also one of the reasons that justify the price of the pieces.

Going through the collection they have sick cargos and joggers with hand-painted and embroidered designs. Colors are off-the-roof ranging from bright orange to purple, the palette is crazy. Their jackets are arguably the best in the market with sick fits and superior materials. The designs speak for themselves, we can see some pieces with great prints while some are just clean single tone color and both have their own unique look.

Though the brand is just a year old in the market, but it has become favorite amongst the celebrities. It has also been a part of LFW 2019 which is a huge achievement for the brand, to represent Indian streetwear on such a big platform.

Jaywalking prices are different for different pieces and you can enquire about any piece through DM. The pieces are mostly unisex but they have separate drops for the ladies as well.

They currently have a rare sale going on, so don't miss out on it. Click the link below to check them out.


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