Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Welcome , if you have landed on this page then you are in for a ride because you have found what you were looking for.I have started this website because I tried to find clothing,accessories,events,etc related to street-wear or similar styles and I couldn’t find much ,there were brands providing amazing clothes in this category but you had to dig in a lot to find it .So here's a platform where you can find everything you need in one place,from different brands,upcoming sneakers and news related to street culture from India and around the world.

Starting off ,my friends often asked me to define my style or categorize it , I could never properly define it.Street-wear always came closest to my style and its pretty hard to define this type of fashion;it started as a skate/surf culture in L.A but in today's world its much more than that.

Shawn Stussy, the owner of Stussy, founded the first ever Street-wear brand.he sold handmade t shirts out of his car .It all started from there and now Street-wear is hard to miss in today's fashion industry.

Street-wear is mainly about expressing who you are , its like you will stand out in this style because you are true to yourself.As I said its hard to categorize which clothing belong to this type of style, wearing a t shirt and jeans with basic sneakers too can be tagged as street-wear if its styled accordingly.

While it Started from Skating , hip hop was a big boost to the scene and added its own flavor to it. Today's Hip Hop artists can be spotted sporting this style everyday.It consists of athleisure ,tech-wear,goth everything falls under it.Being expressive of who you are and making statement is street-wear and hence hip hop can easily relate because it too stands for the same.

Well this is what i feel about the culture and I am here talking about it because I think people should know about it.I can see that street-wear is growing at its pace in our country, so this website and my blog is all about sharing the culture and supporting the scene.

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