Gully Live Fast: brand of the week

Giving out the street vibes by the name itself Mumbai made GULLY LIVE FAST is one of the eminent names in the Indian streetwear game.K.l. Rahul also came on board as an ambassador with this brand because according to him, he felt the vibe of the brand similar to his vibe.

Gully Live Fast has always kept up their game when it comes to creativity. Breaking monochrome norms this brand has a pallet of vibrant colors in their clothing collection.

Being a unisex brand they have a range of bomber jackets, T-shirts, polo tees, street joggers, long tees, caps.

They have various collections emphasizing one specific factor. For example, illuminate collection plays with reflective tees, while galaxy collection is all about star-studded comic print. The typewriter collection is about long tees with quotes whereas the street emoji tee collection plays around quirky, bold emojis. Their combat collection mixes the Camouflage print with street style stripes. The latest collection of the brand known as Savage Collection is a classic example of the brand's style. While keeping it all monochrome with the Vibgyor streak, the collection pieces make sure that it will stand out in a crowd.

They have done a few collaborations with the Bharat army, Kolkata knight riders, Delhi Capitals & Piratefund. If we talk about the price quotient of this brand it's moderately priced. The costing is appropriate for the style and quality of material we get.T-shirts start from 700 onwards, you can cop a bomber at around 2000, joggers would be around 1000. It is a unisex brand it also features lot of choices for the ladies as well from the above categories.

This brand is available online with worldwide shipping. They have their collection presence at the curato store, Khar, Mumbai. Join the Gully Crew for some exclusive offers. Click the link below to explore more.


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