Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Let us start off by saying that this is true niche streetwear brand STREY , it is an online store that gives you a piece of their design, they do pop-ups here and there so you can get your drool on them if they in your city.

Strey was founded in the year 2017,it’s a Mumbai based brand that is inspired by the chaos in the city, they draw their designs from the cities well known and unknown elements mashed up with graphics that keep you staring.

It's not too jazzy, pretty minimalistic with the right amount of graphic and amazing color options, and its for all genders so everyone can get a taste of streetwear, they have a variety of things to offer from t-shirts to shorts, joggers to jackets and bags to novels.

This streetwear brand is no cheap one but it isn’t that expensive too, you can cop a decent fit with a 2-3k budget.

They have some really fine pieces you don’t want to miss out on, so check them out,link below.


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