The brand's name often comes along in conversations about Indian streetwear. Almost Gods was founded in 2018 by Dhruv Khurana, it is a Delhi-based brand. They are a bunch of young soules striving to put the Indian streetwear scene on the map! The name suggests that being a god is now within reach of humans, given the advancement the human species have achieved since its primitive years.

The brand offers T-shirts, jackets, pants and accessories. The price point is towards the expensive end due to various factors like quality and design. The pieces can go from Rs 3,500- Rs 37,000. Their current collection FRUIT SHOP AT THE END OF THE WORLD (as the name suggests) is about encountering a fruit shop while the world has ended and the feeling that one derives from it.

The collection has different elements and different materials, each piece in this collection unfolds the story revealing the big picture.

It's not just clothing but a narration, the collection has a beautiful story behind it; like the apple, cross and the snake elements denotes the apple that Eve was drawn towards, the Christian cross and the snake from the garden of Eden. Some of their designs are minimalistic and some are downright outrageous, so pick what suits your personality and be an almost god.

"Core to the Almost Gods Project is the notion of Future Communion, a dialogue that questions what it means to be human by contrasting the two polar bastions driving forth our culture, Religion and Technology. Pulled back and forth between these two large pillar ideologies, the very definition of being human itself is undergoing a flux - a discussion which Almost Gods undertakes through clothes,

which act as honest symbols for the past, future and now."

Almost Gods is ever-evolving as they are 'almost' there but not quite there.

So get along and be a part of their Future Communion. Almost Gods Shop Now

*Pictures and the quote is taken from their website.

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